Preschool Writing -How to teach it effectively

preschool-writingPreschool writing can often seem like a mystery, but really learning to write can be broken down into four areas.  These areas will come together as children progress, but first they develop separately.  These four parts need to be developed at the same time with a lot of practice and activities.

Letters and Sounds
Children need to learn letter names and sounds and also learn to break words apart into individual sounds.

Fine Motor Skills
Developing hand strength and coordination is essential to learning to write.  Children can do hand strengthening activities from a very young age.

Learning to Write
As soon as a child has the hand strength and motor skills you can introduce letter writing.  This takes a lot of direct teaching and a lot of practice.

From a very young age, children need to work on developing their own ideas. They will first learn to do this orally, and later these ideas will become the foundation for their writing.

As soon as children learn to write the letters, they can start using phonetic spelling.  Preschool writing gradually becomes more standard and fluent until children become competent writers.

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