Preschool beginning sight words

In the very early stages of learning to read, children can learn some beginning sight words. This gives them a foundation of words that they don’t have to work to figure out. The first beginning sight words are important words to the child. Later, the purpose changes. Children begin to learn words that appear often in written texts.

experimental-beginning-sight-words.htmlWhat is important

  • Child’s own name
  • Other important names (Mom, Dad, siblings, friends)
  • Environmental print: logos, labels, signs
  • High-frequency words

How to help children develop beginning sight words concepts and skills

  • Model these important words. Point them out to the child.
  • Make a card game with pictures of things that are important to your child. Make a set of cards with pictures (find pictures on the internet or take photographs). Make another set of cards with the labels for each picture. Then play a game where you and your child match the labels to the corresponding picture.
  • Match the logos or labels to a picture that it represents.
  • Write pattern sentences with simple words such as “I see ___.” Make every page similar to begin with. Read the book together.

Level One High-Frequency Words:

I go see
like my is
and to the
a you it
in said that
she he look
up at for
on have we
am little big
can down not

Level Two High-Frequency Words:

a about after
again all an
and any are
as at be
been before boy
but by can
come day did
do down eat
for from get
give go good
had has have
he her here
him his how
I if in
is it just
know like little
long make man
many much my
new no not
of old on
one or other
our out put
said see she
so go some
take that the
their them then
there they this
three to two
up us very
was we were
what when which
who will with
work would you

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